Friday, 6 May 2011

Tessa Bunney: Hand To Mouth

These images are taken from Tessa Bunneys' series 'Hand To Mouth':

The series documents the lives of villagers and nomadic shepherds of in Romania's Carpathian Mountains. As the title suggests, these people live by their own means, growing crops and rearing livestock. The series was made over a period of four years, Bunney spent long periods of times with various groups of people and documented their lives. The book us laid out in four sections documenting the activities of the people throughout each season.
There are a many things about this body of work that I like and find similar to my own. First of all the type of images are very similar, a mixture of portraits, landscapes, typologies and details shot on medium format. Also the idea of self sufficiency is prominent in both projects, in a far more obvious way in Bunneys' series, but they both show people who grow there own vegetables. Also the idea of documenting the changing of the seasons is very similar. Although I haven't approached my work season by season I am trying to show the passage of time over the period of the project by shooting and hopefully re-shooting the same scenes at different times.

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