Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Simone Niewig: Gardens

These images are taken from Simone Niewigs' series 'Gardens':

I came across Niewigs' work when looking through a book about the 'Dusseldorf School Of Photography' and chose to include these images for obvious reasons. Niewig studied under Bernd Becher in 1984 and went on to produce this body of work around 1986. It focuses on the anonymous architecture of gardens: the self-made toolsheds, garden cottages, or pigeon houses. Niewig states that she was drawn to these places 'where people use the land that is at their disposal, free of the city planners’. I feel this is similar to my own reasons for choosing my subject as I was first drawn to the hand made structures that are so often found on allotment sites. I feel that Niewig has chosen similar subjects to my own, and has captured the same wonky charm and character that these places have. Unfortunately the only copies of her work I could find where the various very poor quality images you can see above.

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