Friday, 6 May 2011

Richard Avedon: In The American West

These images are taken from Richard Avedons' series 'In The American West':

This series is one of the most famous portrait series of all time. Commissioned by the the Amon Carter Museum, Avedon made the series over a period of 6 years and shot 125 large format portraits of people who caught his eye. Avedon traveled with a portable studio with him in order to shoot his subjects against a clean white background and in there own environment (as you can see from the bottom image). All the portraits were shot on 10x8 large format resulting large scale prints, sometimes up to 3 foot tall.
I have chosen to include these images because of their beautiful quality and also the way in which Avedon has shot on location. I do not intend to shot the portraits in a studio environment, or to set up a studio on site, I just really admire the style of the portraits. I really like the way Avedon has shot his subjects in their own environment to make them feel comfortable but by shooting them with the white backdrop he has removed them from their surroundings. I just massively admire these images for their style and quality.

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