Saturday, 14 May 2011

More new portraits

These are the most recent portraits I have shot on the site in Brent:

I am very happy again with these results. As you can see from my previous research I have been trying to achieve a specific style for my portraits and I feel I have achieved it with my last two sets. Although I have shot portraits from the start of the project I have never been totally happy with the style until these two sets. I believe this is because I shot all of the other portraits digitally, whereas these more recent shots have all been taken using 120mm film. I would have liked to shot on 120mm for the whole time period of the project, but access to the cameras is limited and I do not have one of my own. Because of the earlier images not having the look I want I do not intend to include them in the book. I feel that I have captured enough in my last two trips using the medium format camera to use just these images, many of them are replicas of previous shots just using the 120mm camera. This is true with most of the images I have taken (excluding the sheds). I much prefer the look, quality and feel of the images shot on film and only intend to use these in the final book.

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