Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Louise Maher: Fathers

These images are taken from Louise Mahers' series 'Father':

The series is a collection of portraits depicts both retired and semi-retired clergymen living in Scotland. Each image is accompanied by a short personal reflection exploring aspects of the catholic faith.
I have chosen to include these images because of their style and content. Although Maher has not positioned every subject in the same way within the frame, the image still maintain a uniformity probably due to all the subjects being seated. I like this because Maher has chosen to include aspects of their surroundings as well as the subject themselves, giving the images slightly more depth, they become about the individuals personal space as well as the individual themselves, and I feel are a reflection on the people themselves and their choice in life. This is similar to my own, in that I have chosen to position my portraits according to the surroundings. I also feel the plots are a representation of their owners to an extent, some ordered and neat while others somewhat chaotic. I also very much like the subject matter itself, the images have a similar feel to my own in that Maher has chosen a group of people who are normally considered dull, but by photographing them she has made is look at them from a different perspective.
The text is also something I like. Although I have abandoned the idea of interviewing each individual plot holder (it is hard enough to get them to stand still for a photograph, let alone an interview!) There is one plot holder who I intend to ask to write a short introduction to my book. This piece would be similar to the accompanying text in Mahers' series as it would be personal reflection on how the individual feels about the allotments.

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