Friday, 6 May 2011

First Before and After

These images are the first of the before and after shots:

I am not sure if they have worked well. It was very hard to get the subject to stand in the same position. I also feel that they are not the style of portrait I had originally intended on shooting. Looking back at my research there is a recurring style running through many of the portraits I have included such as those of Alec Soth or Mark Power. I want something far more simple with a lot more depth to them. These images were shot on Digital so I have decided to shoot more portraits on 120mm because I feel this will help achieve the look I am after. I intend to shoot at a low aperture in order to blur the background and bring the subject out more. I also intended to take more time positioning and framing the subjects, shooting from a lower viewpoint making them more look more dynamic. I intend to try the before and after idea out more, just not with the portrait shots.

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