Friday, 13 May 2011

Even more Mark Power: Georgian Spring

Mark Power has been a major influence during this project. These images are taken from another one of his commissions 'Georgian Spring':

'At the invitation of Georgia's Minister of Culture, ten photographers were invited to spend two weeks traveling the country in pursuit of a specific theme. Mark Power's chapter, 'Industry and the Economy', gave him access to some remarkable sites, and led to a number of chance encounters along the way.'
I have included these images for similar reasons to the previous set. The scenes Power has captured are fascinating and beautiful, but it is more the portraits I am interested. Again the style of these portraits has been very inspirational to me. The second and and forth portraits are shot landscape, which is the format I have chosen to shot in due, to it working better for my book. Again it is the position of the subjects within the frame and the soft focus, as well as the beautiful high quality feel that I like about the images, and this is the style I am trying achieve in my own images.

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