Friday, 13 May 2011

More Mark Power: Saadiyat

These images are taken from Mark Powers series Saadiyat:

This series documents the on going construction project taking places on the 2.7square KM island of Saadiyat, which lives around 500 meters offshore from downtown Abu Dhabi. The project is said to be the most ambitious in the world and when finished will house the new Louver, Guggenheim, the Zayed National Museum, followed later by the Performing Arts Centre, all designed by some of the worlds leading architects. As with the Dome Power has been commissioned to photograph the site during its construction.
I have chosen to include these images for a number of reasons. The first is Powers ability to find interesting subjects in what would be seen as a very boring environment. The compositions, colours and tones are amazing. The other is for the portrait at the top of the page. Although this is the only portrait so far in the ongoing series, but I have found it massively inspiring. The way Power has positioned the subject in the frame, with the out of focus background is exactly how I would like my portraits to look. I feel I have achieved this with my previous set of portraits and plan to continue shooting in this style. I also like the high quality all of Powers work has, this is also something I hope to achieve by shooting in medium format.

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