Sunday, 16 January 2011

Eric Tabuchi: Miradors

These images are taken from Eric Tabuchis' series 'Miradors':

Eric Tabuchi is a French photographer who works mainly in this typology style. This series features these 'Miradors' which literally translates into tower or balcony, somewhere with a extensive view. There is no information about the series on Tabuchis' website but I believe the structures are hunting hides of some kind. The reason I have chosen them is because of the look of the structures and the fact they are shot in a very similar straight fashion. Although the nature of these structures is nothing like my sheds, they have a very similar rough wonkey look to them as the sheds I have been photographing. They are free from any kind of building regulation which has resulted in them being built from all sorts of different materials and in varying styles. Also the style in which Tabuchi has shot the subjects is similar to my own, positioning each subjects identically within the frame and shooting from the same angle each time. The lower image is also from Tabuchis' website and is a mock up of how he may display the images, and as you can see he has chosen a similar grid pattern to my own.

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