Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mark Power: The Sound Of Two Songs

These images are taken from Mark Powers series 'The Sound Of Two Songs':

Power was sent to Poland for 4 months by the Magnum group just after it joined the EU to make a documentary piece about the country. Power traveled to country photographing many different aspects of it's landscapes and culture and fell in love with it, choosing to continue with the project for some months after the commission had ended. I have chosen to include it here for a few different reasons. First of all I am a massive fan of Power's work, I think he has an amazing ability to spot the unusual in the everyday. Through his images he takes aspects of life that many people would ignore and makes them fascinating, something I am trying within my own work. I also very much like the portrait aspect of his work. It doesn't state who the people featured are or what they do, I just like the style they have to them. Power works on a 5x4 format camera giving his images a beautiful high quality. I also like the fact the portraits are just one small aspect of the wider project, something I have decided to do with my own work.

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