Thursday, 24 March 2011

John Camino-James: In A Very English Town

These images are taken from John Camino-James series 'In A Very English Town'. The series is a documentation of the small English town of Thame where Camino-James lives, taken over a period of 1 year:

The project started when on of Camino-James's Cuban friends asked him to send him some pictures of the town where he lives. Camino-James then set out to create a body of work that represents many aspects of this small town, around 45 miles away from London. I like these images because of the way Camino-James has chosen diverse subjects to photograph. I feel that the images are a true portrayal of this small town as Camino-James has not shot only the picturesque images we are used to seeing of English country towns. I like the mix of portraits, both posed and candid as well as the shots of the towns architecture, both new and old. The images are shot on an unusual format, giving them an unusual elongated look. I feel that this is the kind of project I would like to make, one that is made up of different types of images, and that people would feel is a real portrait of the allotments I am photographing.

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