Thursday, 3 March 2011


These are some more experiments I shot on my last visit. They are images of the inside of some of the greenhouses on the site:

I like these images a lot. I feel that they are similar to the shed shots I have experimented with earlier. I think that they are interesting because of the strange collections of things they contain. Many of the greenhouses are used more like sheds for storing tools etc. where are some are used for growing things. I haven't decided whether or not to use the same technique on the ones used for growing things as I intend to use on the portraits and re-shoot them on a few months time to see what has changes. I am also considering re-visiting this idea with a medium format camera to get a higher quality image. The only problem with this is that I shot these on a super wide angle lens to get in a much as I could and the Bronicas do not have a lens this wide. I am also considering re-shooting some of these images to try and get rid of the reflection. This is definitely something I intend to continue experimenting with.

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