Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Eileen Perrier: 6 - 8

These images are taken from Eileen Perrier's series '6 - 8'. The series documents various office cleaners, the name '6 - 8' is the usually hours these cleaners work:

I like these images. Perrier has taken a group of people that are often ignored in society and put them in the spotlight. Each image is taken from floor level literally looking up to the subjects and each backdrop is chosen on location in the building the subject cleans. As with Gill's work Perrier has framed all the portraits in a very similar manner, however these subjects are engaging with the camera. Perrier talks about "a moment when something happens between me and them - an interaction" I feel that this is important because it shows the images are in some way spontaneous. I feel these images are similar to my own as I have also chosen a group of people who are often ignored by the public, many people would consider allotments boring. I also like the different camera angle Perrier has used, it has made the subjects dominate the images, and made them look really dynamic, something I am also experimenting with in my own work.

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