Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Daniel Stier: In my country

These images are taken from Daniel Stiers series 'In my country'. The images feature immigrants to the UK dressed in their national costume:

Stier has been perusing the project for three years, photographing people around London. On the BBC news it states that the images help people helps: 'The need for citizens to retain their cultural identity while integrating with the wider community'.
I have included these images because I like them very much. I really like the idea behind the images and feel they are a unique take on the subject of immigration. Like much of the work I have been looking at Stier has shot on large format giving the images an amazing high quality. I feel that the juxtaposition of the people in their bright clothing and the dull backdrop of London works brilliantly both visually and as a metaphor for what these people bring to the UK.
I admire this work greatly, the love the idea and the style of the photographs. I feel that this idea of finding something amazing amongst something otherwise dull is something that relates closely to my own work.
This is the link to the feature on the BBC News:

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