Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cathrine Balet: Identity

These images are taken from Cathrine Balet's series 'Identity'. The series explores young peoples quests to for individuality and identity through the way they look:

The main body of the series is the portraits featured at the top of this page, taken on a 5x4 camera they are cropped at the knee in order to get the full detail of the subjects cloths and other things such as their hair and piercings. The other part of the book is typologies like the ones above which capture specific details of each individual. The series really captures this stage of adolescence, when young people struggle to fit in and find out who they are. I feel that Balet has chosen a really interesting cross section of young people to photograph from different areas of the world. I have chosen to include the these images because of different styles Balet has chosen to include. I like the way Balet has really captured the identity and attitude of the young people she has photographed, I also think that the way she has used a very uniform way of shooting the images accentuates the in which each individual chooses a group to be part of and therefore conforms.
Although the subject of the images is very different from the subjects I have been shooting, I feel that the idea of shooting the portraits and also different aspects of the individuals is similar to my own. I have been shooting the portraits and also different aspects of the peoples allotment plots, which I feel in a small way shows aspects of their individual identity. I also feel that the way Balet has used different types of images within her work is also similar to my own in the I am also shooting portraits and typologies as part of my series.

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