Thursday, 24 March 2011

Alec Soth: From Here To There

These images are taken from Alec Soth's book, 'From Here To There'. The book is made up of images taken from various different series of Soth's images of America:

I have included these images because they are very similar to much of the work I have included in my research so far. I like the images very much. They are very similar to Mark Powers series 'A Sound Of Two Songs' in that Soth has found aspects of America that many people would pass by. I like that Soth has shot many different things around the country, such as landscapes and portraits. This is the direction I am taking my project in, where the series is made up of many different kinds of images. As with much of the work I have been looking at Soth has shot on large format giving the high quality images I would like for my own work. I also like the fact Soth has included some typologies within his series as this is also something that features largely within my own work.

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