Thursday, 24 March 2011

More 120mm

On my last visit I re-shot some of my previous images on 120mm film as well as some new ones:

These three images were my favorites from the film, I also re-shot some of the greenhouses, I intend to do the rest on my next visit. I like the effect and the high quality the 1200mm film gives the images. As I have mentioned in previous posts I am extending my project to include a wider range of subjects because I feel the site is so fascinating I would like to include as much of it as possible. I am going to work far more with 120mm film from now on and try and get more of these types of images as well as capturing other aspects of the site I find interesting.

John Camino-James: In A Very English Town

These images are taken from John Camino-James series 'In A Very English Town'. The series is a documentation of the small English town of Thame where Camino-James lives, taken over a period of 1 year:

The project started when on of Camino-James's Cuban friends asked him to send him some pictures of the town where he lives. Camino-James then set out to create a body of work that represents many aspects of this small town, around 45 miles away from London. I like these images because of the way Camino-James has chosen diverse subjects to photograph. I feel that the images are a true portrayal of this small town as Camino-James has not shot only the picturesque images we are used to seeing of English country towns. I like the mix of portraits, both posed and candid as well as the shots of the towns architecture, both new and old. The images are shot on an unusual format, giving them an unusual elongated look. I feel that this is the kind of project I would like to make, one that is made up of different types of images, and that people would feel is a real portrait of the allotments I am photographing.

Cathrine Balet: Identity

These images are taken from Cathrine Balet's series 'Identity'. The series explores young peoples quests to for individuality and identity through the way they look:

The main body of the series is the portraits featured at the top of this page, taken on a 5x4 camera they are cropped at the knee in order to get the full detail of the subjects cloths and other things such as their hair and piercings. The other part of the book is typologies like the ones above which capture specific details of each individual. The series really captures this stage of adolescence, when young people struggle to fit in and find out who they are. I feel that Balet has chosen a really interesting cross section of young people to photograph from different areas of the world. I have chosen to include the these images because of different styles Balet has chosen to include. I like the way Balet has really captured the identity and attitude of the young people she has photographed, I also think that the way she has used a very uniform way of shooting the images accentuates the in which each individual chooses a group to be part of and therefore conforms.
Although the subject of the images is very different from the subjects I have been shooting, I feel that the idea of shooting the portraits and also different aspects of the individuals is similar to my own. I have been shooting the portraits and also different aspects of the peoples allotment plots, which I feel in a small way shows aspects of their individual identity. I also feel that the way Balet has used different types of images within her work is also similar to my own in the I am also shooting portraits and typologies as part of my series.

Alec Soth: From Here To There

These images are taken from Alec Soth's book, 'From Here To There'. The book is made up of images taken from various different series of Soth's images of America:

I have included these images because they are very similar to much of the work I have included in my research so far. I like the images very much. They are very similar to Mark Powers series 'A Sound Of Two Songs' in that Soth has found aspects of America that many people would pass by. I like that Soth has shot many different things around the country, such as landscapes and portraits. This is the direction I am taking my project in, where the series is made up of many different kinds of images. As with much of the work I have been looking at Soth has shot on large format giving the high quality images I would like for my own work. I also like the fact Soth has included some typologies within his series as this is also something that features largely within my own work.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Daniel Stier: In my country

These images are taken from Daniel Stiers series 'In my country'. The images feature immigrants to the UK dressed in their national costume:

Stier has been perusing the project for three years, photographing people around London. On the BBC news it states that the images help people helps: 'The need for citizens to retain their cultural identity while integrating with the wider community'.
I have included these images because I like them very much. I really like the idea behind the images and feel they are a unique take on the subject of immigration. Like much of the work I have been looking at Stier has shot on large format giving the images an amazing high quality. I feel that the juxtaposition of the people in their bright clothing and the dull backdrop of London works brilliantly both visually and as a metaphor for what these people bring to the UK.
I admire this work greatly, the love the idea and the style of the photographs. I feel that this idea of finding something amazing amongst something otherwise dull is something that relates closely to my own work.
This is the link to the feature on the BBC News:

More Portraits

These are the latest portraits from the Brent Cross site:

I do like these image, however I feel that they are like many of the previous ones, in that they will be far more interesting when they are paired with the second image of the changed plots.
I initially intended the series to be only made up of portraits, however I have decided that they will make up a part of a larger project. I feel that there are many interesting aspects of the project that I would like to include. I feel that the sheds are equally as interesting as the portraits of people.