Friday, 4 February 2011

New Ideas

As I mentioned in the previous post I have been thinking of ways to make the portrait aspect of the project more interesting. During my recent tutorial we discussed the idea of visiting the allotment plots on separate occasions and documenting the same people and plots each time. Allotments are places where people grow things, whether it be vegetables or flowers, the places change dramatically season to season. I would like to visit the plots as soon as possible and ask the subjects to stand in an area that will go through some kind of change over the coming months, whether it be through growing plants or the area being cleared, burnt etc. I would like to photograph them in these spaces, and then visit a few months later when some kind of change has taken place and re-photograph the subjects in the same position. I feel this idea will not only bring the portraits to life but will also be a perfect way of showing the reason people have allotments and have such a passion for growing things.

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