Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Combination of Portraits

I have decided that I would like to combine both the different types of portraits I have been shooting together. I would like there to be a portrait of the person along side a seperate image of their shed as well as some text. possibly from questions I will ask the subjects. I feel that this will make for an interesting visual combination. This is an example of my idea:

This is an example of the kind of combination I have in mind. I like this concept of combining the two types of image as I feel they work well as a set. The text here is just the name and location of the site the images were taken on. I plan to write up some uniform questions to ask the subjects, just things like how long they have had their plot for and the reasons why they have their plots. I think that this will add to the stories of each individual. I would also like to try and find out what each of the sheds is made from, I think this could also bring up some fascinating stories.

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