Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Brian Griffin: Power

During my recent tutorial we discussed ways in which I could make the portrait images more visually interesting. At the moment they are very straight portraits, which is the style I had initially intended to use, however I feel that I could get more out of the subjects. These images are from Brian Griffin's book 'Power'. The book features portraits of business men and executives:

The reason I have included these images is because of the way in which Griffin has made each of his subjects look so dynamic. Business men are usually considered boring but Griffin has shoot them in such a way that has made them appear facinating. By using different techniques and props, angles and lighting Griffin has made an extremly interesting set of portraits from which was potential quite a boring subject.
I have included these portraits because I feel that it is a similar concept to my own work, both subjects are something that many people would consider to be dull. I would like to make my portraits more dynamic, possibly by using similar techniques to Griffin, but I feel this may be difficult due to my locations and limited resources, it is more the idea of taking a subject that to many could be potentailly boring and creating a facinating body of work.

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