Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Brent Cross Portraits

As I mentioned in my previous post I recently revisited the Brent Cross site in order to capture some more sheds and portraits. Because of the poor weather recently there were very few people on the site which has been a major hindrance to my work. However I did manage to shoot one portrait of Carol, the lady who I have visited with on both occasions:

I chose to shoot this portrait in from of the shed. I think this has worked out well, however I like the idea of shooting the portraits of the people and the sheds separately and combining the two as I feel that the shed images are portraits in there own right, they have a huge amount of character. In hindsight I should have taken a number of different shots from different angles, however we were just leaving so I didn't really have the time. Carol was kind enough to give me a set of keys for the sight so I can visit whenever I like. This should help me enormously. Not only is this site the most interesting of all, I now have unlimited permission to be there and shoot. Also as the weather starts to improve they should start to get busier which will mean I am able to make far more portraits which is something I feel is integral to the project.

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