Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Brain Morrison: 'Our Aim Is To Survive'

Brain Morrison's portraits of the Blackpool pistol and Rifle Club are an exploration into the dwindling world of gun clubs and a challenge on the idea of masculinity and firearms:

After a 1997 firearms amendment outlawed all but muzzle loading and single shot pistols, the membership to these clubs dwindled. Morrisons image are a documentation of this particular gun club and the way in which it harks back to an earlier era of popularity. The images are as much about the surrounds of the of gun club as they are about the subjects. He is making a comment on the fact that these places are stuck in a strange sort of time warp.
I have looked at these images for a number of reasons. The first is because I feel that style-wise they relate closely to my earlier portraits. The images are shot in a very straight manner and have a very desaturated feel to them as with my images. The other factor that drew me to these portraits is the fact Morrison has chosen an aspects of life that many people would ignore, and one in which the people involved have a real passion for. I feel this also relates to my own subject, I feel that the allotments are very similar in the way that they are an overlooked aspect of life that I find fascinating.

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