Saturday, 15 January 2011

Third Shoot: Brent Cross

These images are from my third visit to allotment sites. These plots were located in Brent Cross, North London. These were by far the most interesting I have visited so far and the images I captured are my favorite so far:

These portraits were all shot on the Brent Cross site. I am very happy with the results from this shoot. I had intended this project to be a series of portraits from the beginning and the image here are very similar to what I had envisaged. I approached the owners of the plots and asked them if I could take their photograph. I would have liked to talk more to them and ask them some questions about their plots, however they were all very busy and I felt as if I was intruding on their time. I am very happy with these images, They were all shot digitally but I feel the quality is still quite good. I am happy that I managed to get a range of shots, such as indoor and outdoor and a good mix of people and I also feel the duller day has worked better with the subject matter and style. I still intend to take some shots using 120mm film providing I can get use of the camera. I definitely plan to visit this site again.

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