Sunday, 16 January 2011

St. Hugh's Avenue Sheds

As with the previous plots I captured a selection of the most interesting sheds from this site:

I shot a whole role of 120mm film on this site as it was quite large and there was plenty of interesting sheds to photograph. One thing I have decided is to start using a tripod as the Bronicas' are quite hard to keep level by hand because of there opposite viewfinder. I haven't done so so far as I it is quite a bulky thing to travel with but I think it will be worth it from now on. I am still disappointed that I haven't managed to capture some more portraits despite the weather bring better. I think that going on a weekend will defiantly help with this as there should be plenty more people around. I have also got contact details of the man who is in charge of many of the plots around Leicester and I intend to ask for his permission to shot at those plots. I have also got a few contacts in Surrey that should hopefully lead to some more portraits. I also intend to visit the site in Brent Cross when I am in London next.

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