Saturday, 15 January 2011

Second Shoot - Adelaide Community Gardens, Camden

These images were taken at Adelaide Community Gardens in Camden. I went with my girlfriends grandma who has a plot there so I had permission to shoot. I wanted to try out some portraits inspired by my research:

These are my first attempts at making some portraits of allotment owners. I am happy with these results I feel they have captured the character of the individuals. I think the second image taken from further back works better. I also like the way you can see the surround buildings in the top image, it gives you a real sense of the urban area the allotments are in. I would have liked to make more portraits but there weren't to many people around. I think next time I would like to take more head to toe images rather than the closer shots like the one above. I also feel that the if the weather was slightly duller the images would have a more interesting feel to them, I feel that we associate bleak weather more with the British outdoors. Due to the nature and size of the plots the owners aren't allowed structures such as sheds, and this is something I would like to explore more of. I also intend to talk more to the people and learn a little about what it is they enjoy about having an allotment.

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