Saturday, 15 January 2011

Richard Okon: Prefab

These images are from Richard Okons' series 'Prefab'. The series documents the residents of various prefab houses:

Taken over a period of 18 months, the series feature portraits, interior and exterior shots of the people he visited and their houses. As with Londei, Okon has used a 10x8 camera, giving the images a beautiful quality. The project was funded by a scheme run by the photographers gallery.
Most of the images are accompanied by short extracts from interviews of residents of prefab houses talking about the places they live in.
The reason I have chosen to to include these images is because they are very similar to the type of image I hope to produce. I love the fact Okon has used portraiture as well as details of the places he has chosen to visit. I also like his use of interview exerts along side the images.I would like to use both these ideas in my own work. I hope to ask the people I photograph some questions about their passion for allotments. As well as shooting portraits I also plan to shoot some of the interesting things found on the allotment sites, as with my first experiments.

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