Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mark Power: 26 Different Endings

A huge influence on the style of this project has been Mark Powers '26 Different Endings'. This project focuses on the imaginary boundaries created by the London A-Z. Power visited each square on the boundaires of the map and photographed what he found:

The reason these images have been such a big influence on my work is because of Powers ability to take such mundane scenes and make them facinating through his work. I feel that although Powers work based around a concept of imaginary space, not on a specific topic as with my own work, they are very similar in outcome. Both Powers work and my own focus on everyday aspects of out everyday lives. Power has taken very standard everyday scenes and shot them based around his concept, and in doing so has brought out the interesting aspects of each landscape. As with my own images the photographs in Powers series are things many people would pass by. The way Power has shot the images has been a big influence on my own work. He has shot on 10x8 in order to gain maximum quality. He has also chosen to shoot at times that when the weather is very dull, as if to mirror the mundanity of his subjects. Both these asspects are things I am focusing on within my own work, I have been shooting on medium format as this is the most cost effective and high quality format I can use. I have also been trying to shoot on days when the weather is dull. I have been doing so because I feel this is the kind of weather people associate with the British outdoors, and as such adds to the overall feel of the project.

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