Sunday, 16 January 2011

Kingsmead Road Sheds

As with the previous sites I have photographed my favorite sheds from this site:

As with the previous sheds post all the large images here are 120mm scans and the gird is a copy of digital images to illustrate the typologies idea. Again I am very happy with the results, this plot had some really interesting sheds on it, I love the aged look of many of them, with the peeling paint giving them such beautiful texture. These images were shot early in the morning when there was still some mist in the air which has really added to the dull desaturated feel I like. I will definitely keep on with this technique. As with before there was no one on the site to take portraits of, I have a feeling that due to the worsening weather this may be a common occurrence but I do intend to shoot more where possible.

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