Saturday, 15 January 2011

Gypsy Lane Sheds

As with the Brent site I wanted to look at the sheds on these plots. I was hoping that they would have the same quirky charm, and was happy with the results:

These images were all shot on 120mm medium format film (except the bottom image, which is a grid of digital copies of all the sheds I shot on the site). I am very happy with the results this has produced. I feel that the high quality has really brought out all the details in the unusual sheds. I also like the effect that the film has given the images, they have quite a desaturated look which I think works well for the subject matter. I plan to carry on with this experimentation, along with the repeat images from the previous post. I would have also liked to shoot some more portraits but there unfortunately nobody on the site to photograph, but I do still intend to make more portraits where possible.

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