Saturday, 15 January 2011

Forth Shoot: Gypsy Lane, High Wycombe

These images are from my forth shoot. As my girlfriend lives in High Wycombe I decided to explore the allotment plots around here area, and Gypsy Lane was the first I visited:

As with the previous site in Brent Cross I wanted to capture the interesting things that are found around allotment sites. However this time I was working with the idea of the repeat image in mind and decided to look for similar things on each plot. I managed to find many things that there seem to be a lot of on this site. I think some objects work better than others. I feel the watering cans and wheelbarrows work well as many of them are different and they have a some character. I especially like the wheelbarrows as many of them have things in or in different positions. I feel that the water buts, blue barrels and compost bins aren't quite as interesting however I intend to see if they are present on other plots because I feel in higher numbers they may creating an interesting effect.

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