Saturday, 15 January 2011

Donovan Wylie: The Maze

These images are taken from Donovan Wylies' book 'The Maze'. The images were taken inside The Maze prison in Northern Island.

He shot the images during 14 different trips made over a 12 month period. The prison was built in 1976 to detain political prisoners during the unrest there. The prison was designed to 'contain and isolate' and consists of many repeat features to do so. After the Good Friday agreement was signed in 1998 all prisoners were freed and The Maze was empty by 2000 when it closed completely and the land was given to The Northern Island Office.
I have included this series in my research for a number of reasons. I like the idea of revisiting a place on a number of occasions and also the idea of the repeat image Wylie has used. I like the repetitive nature of the images as they perfectly represent the idea of the prison. Although the prison is made of these repeat scenes Wylie has managed to find scenes of interest such as the torn down fences. I also like the style of the images, with their dull tones and bland skies, I feel this adds to the series monotonous nature. I intend to experiment with this repeat image idea in my own work with the sheds, however I am yet to decided whether to shoot them all from the same angle as Wylie has here or like the ones in my previous post, each different.

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