Saturday, 15 January 2011

Brent Cross Sheds

As well as shooting the portraits at the Brent Cross site I shot many of the interesting things there were around the site. The most interesting things I found were the sheds. Many are made of such unusual materials (for example I was told that the top left shed was made from part of a set of a Caribbean café featured in a BBC drama) and have such an interesting wonky, hand built quality I found them fascinating:

There are a selection of the most interesting sheds I found on the site. Many of the sheds are derelict but I find that adds to the charm of them. I chose to display them in this grid format as I feel it allows to compare the different styles. I think that these types of images may form a larger part of the project. I have looked a lot at typology in previous projects so I may draw on that research to build on this idea. For example I may shoot the next lot of sheds in a more uniform style, such as straight on. I also intend to shoot these on on 120mm film as I think this will really bring out all the unusual details of the sheds.

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