Sunday, 16 January 2011

Alison Stolwood: Home Away From Home

These images are taken from Alison Stolwoods' series 'Home Away From Home':

These images of static caravans were photographed on Mersea Island in Essex. They explore the idea of the human relationship with the countryside and the idea of interacting with the landscape whilst only being one step away from home. Each caravan is an expression of the occupants taste and lifestyle.
I came across the series in an issue of Portfolio Magazine. The reason I have chosen to include these images is because I feel that Stolwood has captured an aspect of British culture this is often dismissed as boring but, through Stolwoods' images has become fascinating, something I am myself aiming for. They also have a very similar look to my own images, they are shot in a very uniform manner and Stolwood has used the idea of the typology as well. capturing similar aubjects. I like the idea of the caravans being a reflection of the occupants. I like to think that the sheds in my own work reflect the owners, from the neat and tidy to the disheveled.

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